Open Water Data

Open Water Data is currently in an early stage of development by Mitch Bechtel.

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Open Water

This website and coming app are for open water swimmers, paddleboarders, surfers and other beach-goers to check beach conditions.  The initial pilot will focus on the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  The long-term goal is to enable users to add beaches and data sources to scale out to anywhere open data is collected by government agencies, organizations and community scientists.

Open Data

Another key goal is to make all collected data available as open data through simple CSV and JSON downloads, as well as COMAND Web Services, which are easy to access and query for any purpose, including research, publication and for other websites and apps.

Data will include:

In addition, information and tools will be provided to empower you to gather and share open water data about any body of water you care about, including how to use smart phones, smart watches, smart buoys, personal weather stations, water monitoring kits and monitoring equipment.


People occasionally ask if I accept donations.  While a significant amount of effort has gone into this site, much more has gone into orchestrating, collecting, analyzing and sharing the data behind it.  That effort is done by many people and organizations across the globe, but the one most instrumental to me and this site is Swim Drink Fish and the amazing people there.  So, please donate to Swim Guide by Swim Drink Fish.  Thanks!

The plan is also to make it more clear where various data on this site comes from with links to learn more and potentially donate to them as well.